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Ozeta House

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Seating Area

A very difficult planting area (due to shade and position) was transformed into a striking living space to take advantage of A.M. light and P.M. shade, while the fire pit evaporates evening humidity.

  Seating area

Raised Poolside Planter

This feature was adorned with mirrored balls and planted with turquoise-blue senecio succulents, which are low-maintenance, take advantage of winter rains, and pick up on the azure theme.

  Poolside garden


The tent, dark tiles, and brick patio, which seemed outdated and incongruent with the Mediterranean-white house, gave way to new plantings, white tiles, and a decking of creamy sandstone flag.


“I got the inspiration for the terrace area from a trip to Hammamet, in Tunisia. We don’t have the sea to look out over, but we do have the pool.”

Garden Design Magazine

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Hammamet, Tunisia

Medina in Hammamet

Raised planter

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