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Client Testimonials

Below is a selection of what recent clients have written about Laura Morton’s exterior design work.

Fantasy Come to Life

“Hiring Laura Morton was one of the best choices I have ever made. Her tireless enthusiasm and true artisanship made my backyard like stepping onto the Holodeck! Another world indeed! I never thought that what was in my head could be extracted and revealed in such splendor! Laura’s imagination could inspire the world! Being with Laura was never like work, it was more like playing Fantasyland.

“I still can’t remember many of the plant names, other than the King Palm, the Olive, the various mints, the basils, the trumpet plant — but I love them all the same. There is magic in not really knowing to me. I leave those secrets to Laura and hope you allow her to bring such evocative wonderment to your project.”

— Mala Vasan
Hollywood Oasis

  Waterfall, firepit, and tropical foliage

Waterfall, firepit, and tropical foliage

Authenticity and Craftmanship

“I stumbled on Laura Morton’s website one night on a Google rabbithole search for firepits. I kept clicking on projects that she had designed! We hit it off on the first meeting, and broke ground within weeks. Laura’s re-imagining of our yard has given us three new living spaces: an outdoor dining room, spa, and livingroom with firepit. People remark that it looks as though these features have been part of the house for years (it’s a 1924 Spanish). Laura has effortlessly woven together traditional elements, her own whimsy, and our ecclectic tastes into a seamless whole. The garden is easy to maintain and magical. I would highly recommend this experience of working with Laura. We never want to leave home!”

— Sharon Hall-Kessler
Catalina Dreaming


Fire pit detail

A Garden Sanctuary

“Laura’s approach is to find out what the client’s tastes are — and to exceed their desires. The whole process was educational for me, as I had never before had anyone create a landscape for me. The design phase was an absolute pleasure, as she explained her concepts so clearly. And the actual installation was both quick and professional. Now there are more birds and butterflies in the garden. It is very beautiful, and visitors always comment positively about it. So we spend a lot more time there — it is a place where our daughter loves to be just to smell the flowers. It feels like a sanctuary!”

— Cary Elwess
Andalusian Courtyard in Malibu

  Outdoor kitchen and dining area

Terrace garden detail

Dazzling Creativity & Vision

“Working with Laura Morton Design was a transformative experience. We traded our patchy lawn, big water bills, and uninspired plantings for an exquisite, sustainable delight for all the senses.

“Midnight-blue agapanthus, fuschia flowering succulents, and golden California poppies dazzle the eye with seasonal shifts; lemon verbena and jasmine scent the air; and figs, pomegranates and fraises-du-bois tempt the palate when we serve them in our new outdoor dining and entertainment spaces.

“Living in this edenic environment, the outdoors flowing so seamlessly with the indoors, the garden alive with hummingbirds and butterflies, has brought us in closer touch with the natural rhythms and subtle shifts of the Southern California landscape.

“Throughout the process, Laura Morton was open to collaboration, but dazzled us at every step with her creativity and vision. Our family couldn’t be happier.”

— Susan Kandel and Peter Lunenfeld
Casa de los Arcos

  Outdoor kitchen and dining area

Outdoor kitchen and dining area

New pool plantings

New pool plantings

A True Artist

“Working with Laura Morton was a terrific experience. She is a highly talented and creative individual who listens. While constantly working to meet our goals, she never stopped coming up with new and innovative ideas. She has real vision and is extremely knowledgeable about what thrives in specific areas. Laura is a true artist and designed an amazing outdoor living space for us that is not only practical but is rich and soulful as well.”

— Ginsberg Family
Canyon Family Playground


Deck seating — part of an attractive
and functional new backyard area

Personable — Expert — Creative

“Laura did an amazing job on our rooftop Moroccan garden. She transformed a dull space into an amazing urban refuge. From arranging the construction to planning the irrigation system to choosing the plants and trees, she did first-rate work.”

— Mike Dieffenbach
Rooftop Oasis

  Rooftop Tent

Detail of a Moroccan-style dining tent —
part of a larger urban rooftop garden


“Laura has a great ability to translate my vague ideas of what I see in my head into something tangible that actually works in reality. I just sit in the garden these days and just look around and think ‘Wow! This is my house and my garden — I live here in this amazing place.’ Throughout the renovation I loved the way Laura would walk around the space with me as we bounced ideas around till we came up with something I love. I really feel like she’s been able to capture our vision and put that into reality instead of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach that some designers seem to push.

“Working with Laura has been a true pleasure. We have learned so much about plants and the design process. She has created a magical space for us that gets the same reaction from everyone that sees it ‘WOW!’ Always brimming with ideas, and with access to great sources, Laura has a sophisticated aesthetic and a great eye, culled from years spent traveling the globe. She’s very professional in her approach and always has several solutions to any problem.”

— Simon Heyrick
Africa Meets Andalusia

  Seating area

Seating area with fire pit

Display shelf

Display shelf

Original & Creative

“Laura Morton was a joy to work with during every phase of my garden renovation. She asked incisive questions about how I imagined the space, and incorporated those thoughts with her own original and creative ideas. She was incredibly knowledgeable, and she and her crew worked long hours, with dedication and enthusiasm. The result was a beautiful, ever-growing, ever-changing garden that each year fills me with joy and delight!”

— Dorian Leigh


Most Helpful

“The landscape designer was the most helpful gorgeous gray-haired lady that ever visited my garden. Just having her putter around here made me feel hopeful and better about my future garden. It blossoms in bright yellow and red blooms all year long, as Laura Morton kept to my ideas of a Chinese garden (red and yellow are the traditional colors of Chinese décor).”

— Sharon Sears