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Professional References

Below are some noteworthy comments about Laura’s work from colleagues in her profession.

March 2011


“Serious work ethic”

I’m so pleased that Laura has joined us on the APLD California Chapter Board. She brings a balanced sense of serious work ethic and fun to everything she does. Laura is a thinker, but also a do-er. She has willingly taken on any challenge and managed it with aplomb and grace. She can also sing!

~ Maureen Decombe
2009 Past President, APLDCA.org

January 2011


“A dedicated landscape industry professional”

Laura is a dedicated landscape industry professional not only providing excellent and creative services to her clients but also volunteering a great deal of her personal time to the advancement of the landscape design industry. I would highly recommend Laura, as she is experienced, educated, and committed to utilizing the latest sustainable practices in her landscape designs.

~ Patrick Bones
President/Chapter Chair, APLDCA.org

January 2011


“Talented and visionary”

Laura is a talented and visionary designer who understands the opportunities and constraints of garden-making in harmony with the climate, responsive to a site’s potential, and respect for a client’s needs and desires.

~ Richard Turner
Editor, Pacific Horticultural Foundation

January 2011


“Elegant outdoor living”

Laura is an all-around strong designer whose sophisticated use of color takes her work to the next level. Standing in one of her gardens, you will notice that lighting, materials, plants, and art are chosen and used with a masterful sensibility, and the colors and textures of each guide the final combination. Bold but never clunky, modern yet completely alive, Laura’s gardens define elegant outdoor living.

~ Sarah Kinbar
Editor in Chief, Garden Design Magazine

January 2011


“A gifted and resourceful residential landscape designer”

Laura Morton is a gifted and resourceful residential landscape designer in the Los Angeles market whom I’ve known for several years. I have thoroughly enjoyed our association, as she has become an important resource to me as a design writer. It is always a treat to tour her clients’ landscapes and then write about and photograph her projects for publication. Laura is a go-to expert on topics relating to sustainability and design — and she has helped me tremendously with my journalistic projects.

~ Debra Prinzing
Author and lecturer specializing in
interiors, architecture, and landscapes

January 2011


“Artistic flare and sense of style”

Laura incorporates her artistic flare and sense of style into her designs. She develops unique outdoor environments for each client while keeping her belief in sustainability and the beauty of nature at the forefront of each project. Even though I have not been a client, if I were to choose a competitor to work with on my own landscape—it would be Laura!

~ Colleen Hamilton
Designer/Owner, Bloomin’ Landscape Designs

January 2011


“Creative and highly polished landscape design work”

I am terrifically impressed by the creative and highly polished landscape design work of Laura Morton. As the awards chairperson of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, I have had the privilege to see her work awarded every time entered. I highly encourage her to write a book — so these creations can be appreciated by the rest of the gardening world.

~ William (Bill) Healy
Member, APLD
President, Healy Design, Inc.

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