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How can you get a Laura Morton Design jeweled garden ornament for your own garden? Just purchase one of our items currently in inventory! You can install it yourself or have us handle it for you. Schedule a consultation with us in your own garden, and we will present a design for a customized installation.

For the items listed below, or to order custom garden art, please contact lm@lauramortondesign.com or call (310) 230-5622.


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Powder-coated wrought iron with jeweled wings and eyes, 3′ wingspan. May be used as a fountain ornament or garden accent. Each insect has a “stem” for easy installation and positioning.

Price: $1,100.00

Colors in stock (custom colors available)

  • Candy-red body with orange and red wings, perfect in a tropical or oriental garden.
  • Candy-purple body with cobalt blues and green wings.
  • Matte-silver body with lime-green and silver-black beaded wings, ideal for a grey garden.
  • Powder-coated dragonfly, plain, with candy-green body and no beadwork on wings. [Price for this item only: $575.00]
Red jeweled dragonfly
Blue jeweled dragonfly


Electric-blue structure, 8′ wingspan, 4′ 6″ tall. This item is sold with a mature & fruiting white Adriatic fig already trained as an espalier — ready to be a new focal point in your garden or patio.

Price: $1,500.00

Dragonfly espalier


Candy-purple wrought iron structure, 9′ wide, which can be used for flowering vines or training of small trees. There are 2 of this item available that together could be used as an informal divider.

Price: $750.00

Butterfly espalier


Hand-braided in natural or colored hemp twine, 12″ long — specify natural, green, or mixed colors. Beads may be added as custom order.

Price: $36.00
(per dozen)

Hemp passementerie ties