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Press Clippings

Below is a selection of articles written by or about Los Angeles landscape designer Laura Morton
and her work.


Spring 2014

Pacific Horticulture

“Hollywood Revival:
A Designer/Client Relationship Takes Root”

by Laura Morton
As a professional landscape designer, I’ve heard many responses to this question. Wish lists from clients often include: shade, privacy, areas for food production and preparation, increased property value, spaces to entertain and relax, play spaces for children and dogs, parking, storage, greenery — all design pieces to be puzzled together beautifully.” [Article about Laura’s Casa de los Arcos project]

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  Pacific Horticulture: Article by Laura Morton

May 11, 2014

Los Angeles Times

“Scents, hues, even nests create a scene
in Garden Conservancy tour stop”

Laura Morton is captivated. While giving a tour of her Los Angeles garden, the landscape designer notices a meticulously crafted bird nest in a Tibouchina tree with two tiny hummingbirds inside. “Look at the pieces of blue in their nest,” she whispers with admiration. “Their mother must have incorporated bits of blue paint from our house....”

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  LA Times: May 2014 Garden Days Tour

Fall 2010

The Designer (APLD)

“2010 Residential Design Merit Award Winner Laura Morton”

Judges’ Comments: Clear design intent, very creative, memorable impact.... Client needs creatively met for outdoor living. This is a very creative high-impact design in every way.... Terrific solution to hiding pool equipment....

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  APLD The Designer

May 2010

Garden Design Online

“Laura Morton’s Moorish-Inspired Outdoor Kitchen”

In this West Hollywood garden, Southern California-based landscape designer Laura Morton took a narrow driveway cluttered with pool equipment and turned it into an outdoor kitchen and dining terrace, inspired by the house’s Moorish details and Spanish Revival architecture, with seating for 12....

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  Garden Design Online

March 2009

APLD Design Online

“2008 Landscape Design Award Winner Laura Morton”

Laura created a wow — a wonderful jewel of an example of what great landscape design can be — the transformation of a space into an experience. For those who have not seen the before photographs of the area — you are in for a treat....

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  APLD Design Online

January 17, 2009

Los Angeles Times — Home & Garden Section

“Her Passage to India: A small Hollywood Hills backyard becomes an India-inspired ‘jewel box’”

If you’re looking for a good excuse to invest in landscaping, Mala Vasan’s is hard to beat. She credits her dreamy mix of Indian and Moroccan inspirations for seducing her sweetheart....

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  Los Angeles Times

January 17, 2009

Shed Style

“An Award-winning Los Angeles Garden Inspired by Morocco and India”

When Laura casually mentioned to me that one of her projects won the 2008 APLD “Gold Award” for residential landscape design, I went a little crazy....

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  Shed Style

September 13, 2003

Universe Publishing

Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases in Los Angeles

By Erica Lennard and Adele Cygelman
The 25 gardens in the book illustrate the remarkable range of styles in the area, from Joni Mitchell’s whimsical Bel-Air garden retreat to a garden of rare succulent plants at Jack LaLanne’s former residence. Laura Morton’s Ozeta House is also featured in the book....

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  Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases in Los Angeles

March/April 2002

Garden Design Magazine

“Bringing It Home: Love of travel fills a garden with surprising plants and treasures”

Serious travelers don’t always make the best gardeners. If they have gardens at all, they don’t water them regularly, they let weeds go for long stretches, and they don’t bother planting specimens that bloom when they might be away. That is hardly the case for jewelry and garden designer Laura Morton....

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  Garden Design Magazine

April 27, 2001

Pasadena Star-News

“A Stroll Through the Glorious Gardens”

One of the jewels of this year’s Showcase House is a jeweled reflecting pond created by Laura Morton and Kolleen White. Morton is a jewelry designer who has recently expanded into the world of landscape design. Her artistry combines with the skills of White to create a space that’s alluring, magical and colorful....

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  Pasadena Star-News

April 19, 2001

Los Angeles Times — Living Section

“Welcome to My Garden”

To really understand how a garden works, you need to travel through it to experience all its dimensions. Walking down a path, rounding a corner and ducking under an arbor lets you feel a designed space, as opposed to simply seeing how it looks. These sensations cannot be gleaned from gardens seen on a glossy page....

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  Los Angeles Times