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Deck with seating area

Deck seating area

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Backyard Area


Backyard - before

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Backyard - after

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Canyon Family Playground

Innovation Meets Practicality

Sited in the canyon and surrounded by giant trees, this shady property had a tendency to stay moist and muddy. Improving the entry and walkway to this contemporary home in the canyon was essential.

The new design called for laying the existing small slate flagstone into larger raised pads of grey-colored concrete for a sound pathway to the front door. They were poured in place with impressions of sycamore leaves. Woodland plantings in green and burgundy hues included oak leaf hydrangea and Japanese maple.

The struggling backyard needed an updated purpose. The damp clay soil was not conducive to a lawn, and overwatering would be detrimental to a magnificent native oak that reigned along with a water-thirsty coastal redwood. A new deck extending on level of the house was constructed with a built-in horseshoe-shaped seating area as well as a BBQ and bar. This defined a living space. Nearby, a basketball key was installed for games of 21, and handmade wooden swings were suspended from the elegant oak limbs.

Everywhere else, decorative gravel was laid like a carpet under the trees, providing dry footing and a European courtyard feel. The large glazed pots reflected light, as did the silver-toned and glossy-leaved perennials. Seasonal flowering plum trees provide a subtle change of the seasons.

To learn more about this project, please visit the Image Gallery and Before-&-After pages, or read the client’s testimonial.

(NOTE: All work was performed by licensed landscape contractors.)

Garden plan design sketch